What Big Tech Doesn't Want You To See

Big Tech is looking out for you! They’re concerned for your well-being during these trying times and therefore categorized the U.S. Election as a “Sensitive Event”. Think you can handle ads for our patriotic and conservative products? Think again! Big Tech says you can’t.

For over 3 whole months Big Tech blocked almost all of our top-selling products from being shown on their platforms, including Trump products, veterans’ products, and even a “Made In America” baby bib! (Second page). Apparently nothing jeopardizes the integrity of an election as much as patriotism!

“What was allowed to run”, you ask? Well, Pro-Biden and Anti-Trump product ads, of course! (Check out our blog for proof...)

So, because we don’t care about our patrons or their safety, we put together a whole category of products Big Tech doesn’t want you to own… I mean see! Shop at your own risk! 

Trump 45 Black Mug


Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, special ability: beverages consumed out of a mug bearing his likeness are 45 times as tasty as usual. Talents: Making America great again, keeping America great, holding 12 oz. of your favorite...

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Let the serene vibes of The Donald's zen penetrate your being. Whether you're still trying to find your zen,Or just need to make it great again,Then The Donald is your man,Hat on his head, feet in the sand.   Comes with 1 8.5" X 7" sandbox, 1 zen...

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