You Can’t Have My Country And You Can't Have My Guns T-Shirt

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During the first 4 years of the Obama administration, the gun control issue was largely avoided.  However, beginning with his second term, gun control has become a much higher priority for this administration, as many people on the right had predicted would happen.  President Obama and the Democratic Party seem determined on encroaching further and further upon our Second Amendment rights.  We, as the American people, must stand up and declare that we are not willing to stand by and watch as our God-given and Constitutionally protected rights are taken away.  As one of the founders of the modern conservative movement, William Buckley, said so well, "The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry."  

This shirt declares in no uncertain terms that we are not willing to have our country taken from us, and we are not willing to be disarmed of our guns.

Printed on the front of a military green shirt.