2nd Amendment & Pro Gun T-Shirts

Here at Patriot Depot, our t-shirt selection reflects our love for guns and the Second Amendment.  We currently have over 3 dozen gun t-shirts, Second Amendment t-shirts, pro-gun t-shirts, and more!  Check back often, as we're always adding more shirts that are perfect for anyone who loves guns and the Second Amendment.  

When our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment in 1789, they weren't giving us the right to keep and bear arms.  They were protecting our already-existing God-given right to keep and bear arms.

The pro-gun culture is continuing to grow every year, but we must keep pushing forward to make sure the right to keep and bear arms is not seen as taboo by the American public.  We have the mainstream media and most of our politicians working against us, but wearing pro-gun t-shirts and Second Amendment t-shirts will help spread awareness and encourage others to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Got Ammo? T-Shirt

$19.95 $12.95

A spin-off of the famous "got milk?" advertising campaign, this shirt has a much more important question to ask: "got ammo?"  In recent days, most people's answer to that question is a disappointing "no". With the Department of Homeland Security...

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