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Hi, we’re Patriot Depot. Patriot Depot’s been around since 2007, but we wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of us until more recently. In fact, a lot of people hadn’t heard of us until September of 2019, when one of our products and accompanying parody tune went viral.

As you may have been able to guess, we at Patriot Depot are Americans. Americans with values. We love our country, we stand for the National Anthem, we support our military, we said the Pledge before school, we don't want communism (even if you call it socialism), we don't want men in women's restrooms. If this sounds like you, we hope you'll shop with us. 

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Contact us here. Also, we're constantly looking for new products to serve our customers, please feel free to submit your ideas here! If we use your idea, we'll send you a few copies of your product for free!