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Patriotic Car Air Fresheners

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Approximately 5 inches wide.
Melania - Orchid scent
Donald - White Musk scent
Ronald - Leather scent

Did you know that the "Melania Orchid" was awarded the coveted Highly Commended Certificate by the American Orchid Society in 2018? In case your wondering, that's why our air freshener depicting her likeness is about to bless your nostrils with a fresh Orchid scent.

We've never been close enough to get a good whiff of her husband, so we had to take a guess at what he might smell like, and eventually settled on "white musk." How fitting.

For Ronald Reagan, we had to go with a classically stoic scent for our nation's classiest and most stoic Commander-in-Chief: Leather.

Put these in your car, your office, your gym bag - anywhere you still want to be a conservative and still want to smell good.

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