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Drinking with Calvin and Luther

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Have a pint with the Puritans?

Luther, Calvin and Zwingli—these men are better known for their theology than their taste in beer. Charles Wesley and George Whitefield—these men are known more for their witness than their wine. Prepared to learn something new?

In this completely revised and expanded version of his underground classic, Rev. Jim West takes you through centuries of Christian history, looking at the role alcohol played in the church during the Protestant Reformation, in the American colonies, into the time of Charles Spurgeon and beyond.

With humor and wit, West winds through time showing in generation after generation how God's saints have enjoyed his many good gifts in reverence, thankfulness, and moderation.

"You will not only furrow your brow over exegetical profundity as you read, but will split a gut over historical hilarity." 
R.C. Sproul Jr., from the foreword

"Absolutely a 'must-read.'" 
The Discerning Reader

216 Pages, paperback.

ISBN: 0970032609 

Jim West is pastor of Covenant Reformed Church in Sacramento, California. A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, he currently serves as associate professor at City Seminary of Sacramento and has written many influential books and pamphlets in the areas of Christian courtship, covenant, and baptism. His articles have been published in Table TalkModern ReformationWestminster Theological JournalBanner of Truth MagazineThe Chalcedon Report, and The Reformed Herald.

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