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I Support the 1776 Project (Bumper Sticker)

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We support the 1776 Project!

What's the 1776 Project?

Glad you asked! In 2019, President Donald J. Trump, commissioned a group of 18 learned and prominent historical experts, intellectuals, and college professionals to produce the 1776 Project. It's an important project to help save our history!

Beautifully demonstrating the un-whitewashed history of our nation’s past, The 1776 Report provides a succinct explanation of where our Founders stood on issues we would later learn to handle differently.

History is not a living thing: it is not moral or immoral. It simply is a retelling of the actions of men and women who lived in a different time, with different ideas and thoughts from different environments and experiences. Whether those ideas would later be found pejorative is not a burden of the retelling.

History should be factual: it cannot be rewritten to fit a political identity.

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