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While hardly considered a viable candidate at the beginning, Donald Trump traveled the long journey through the Republican Primary and then through the general election, all the way to a historical and unbelievable victory on November 8, 2016! It's really quite amazing, given the amount of negative press he received from the media and the rabid opposition from within his own party.

Anyone who is a fan of the Donald will absolutely love this high-quality bobblehead of the Donald himself. Who knows, maybe even the haters will want one too?

When you hear the word "bobblehead", you're probably thinking of some cheap plastic toy that breaks after a few weeks. But these bobbleheads are nothing of the sort.  Crafted in high-quality resin with great attention to detail, they have an extremely solid feel to them. You won't find bobbleheads anywhere else that are finer quality than these. 

Royal Bobbles, LLC is a premium bobblehead manufacturing company specializing in exquisite historic figures whose products are featured in leading gift shops and museum stores nationwide. With unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, Royal Bobbles is a natural choice for other such high-profile licenses including: Albert Einstein, John Wayne, American Pickers, Chick-Fil-A, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Luther King Jr., George S. Patton, and Smokey Bear.

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