Our hat selection includes Don't Tread on Me, Molon Labe, and American Flag designs, as well as several other popular patriotic designs. Show your conservative values by wearing one of these hats!

Come and Take It Hat

$24.95 $19.95

Our 2nd Amendment rights are under more pressure than ever before.Thanks to a few courageous people in Washington and millions of Americans like you ready to defend the Constitution, we can still enjoy our rights and freedoms!Used by the Texan rebels in...

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My Gun Cleaning Hat

$19.95 $17.95

My Gun Cleaning Hat is obviously meant to make people laugh. When you wear this hat, we guarantee you will bring a smile to someone's face, but we also know that gun safety is something that should always be on your mind when handling firearms,...

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USA American Eagle Hat

$18.95 $14.95

This hat is for patriots only.  The American eagle is a symbol of our nation's might, determination, dedication, and independence. Despite some famous detractors, the eagle has symbolized our country through the bad times and the good. Get the...

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Thin Blue Line Police Flag Hat


BLUE LIVES MATTER! The Thin Blue Line Police Flag was designed in remembrance of fallen officers who have died while serving in the line of duty.  It has also honors the courage and dedication our law enforcement officers show every time they...

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American Flag Camo Hat

$19.95 $17.95

We're tired of the blame America first, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist mentality that seems to be so popular in our culture today. Here at Patriot Depot, we raise our kids to love our country and honor it's flag, which represents the liberty and...

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USA Flag Cowboy Hat


Show your American pride with our custom USA Flag Cowboy Hat! We took two of the most American things we could think of, the flag and cowboy hats, and combined them together! Features a leather band with stars around the hat. 100% natural material...

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Trump 2020 Hat

$22.95 $19.95

  It's not too soon to start showing your support for Trump's second term! The liberal media is trying to portray Trump supporters as a "deplorable" minority, but let's stand together and show them how many of us there are. This hat sends a clear...

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American Flag Fedora

$19.95 $15.00

Instantly transform any outfit into the most patriotic outfit in the room. When you're wearing this American Flag Fedora, everyone around you immediately knows how you feel about the U.S. of A.   Perfect for any occasion when you want to show...

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This Chick is Packin' Cap


Sam Colt was called "The Great Equalizer" for his affordable and effective firearm innovations. His pistols and rifles put women on even footing with those that sought to do them harm in the Wild West. Unfortunately it's in fashion to bash our...

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