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Portion of Proceeds @ Patriot Depot Now Support Donald J. Trump!

Patriotic Trump Flag Lapel Pin

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If you want to make America great again, and support our TRUE President, then you need this Trump lapel pin today! Wear your patriotic support for Donald Trump with pride, with this Trump Lapel Pin here.

Ever since Biden became president by stealing the election, he's been doing everything he can to destroy our great country of America. He does not want to make America great again, no - in fact, it's quite the opposite. "President" Biden is hellbent on selling America out to Chinese communists, and selling out the people of America.

Don't let that happen. Here at Patriot Depot, we support President Donald Trump, the TRUE President of our country, and we want to make America great again! Show your support for this great country and for our president, with this Donald Trump lapel pin today!

Trump lapel pin flag pin details & Description:

  • 3D Metal Cast - Nickel Plated Lapel Pin, Made of Enamel

  • Lapel Pin Ships in 1-2 Business Days

  • Dozens of Great Reviews & Happy Customers

  • Imported

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