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Portion of Proceeds @ Patriot Depot Now Support Donald J. Trump!
Portion of Proceeds @ Patriot Depot Now Support Donald J. Trump!

Let's Go Brandon Shot Glass (Made in the USA)

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Biden wants you to get your shots! We recommend two shots of your favorite beverage in these new shot glasses to dull the pain inflicted daily by the Biden-Harris Administration!

By now you’ve probably seen several “Let’s Go, Brandon!” memes on social media and awesome products in our store. Why so much excitement about a guy named Brandon?

Brandon Brown is the NASCAR driver who won his first Xfinity Series race at Talladega on October 2, 2021. The phrase "Let's Go, Brandon!" refers to the viral video where the crowd is actually chanting "F*** Joe Biden” during Brandon’s victory interview with NBC sports reporter, Kelli Stavast.

As a form of damage control, Kelli claimed the chant was actually “Let's Go, Brandon!” 

Either way, America didn’t buy it. There’s only so much the mainstream media can do to prop up and protect Joe Biden. As a result, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” has become synonymous with “F*** Joe Biden.”

For months now, multiple sporting events have garnered large crowds chanting “F*** Joe Biden" in protest of the numerous gaffes and missteps he’s been responsible for since he claimed office in January 2021.

FJB protests have exploded around the world. This should come as no surprise as his approval rating is somewhere between the sub-levels of the same basement where they’ve been illegally detaining pro-Trump supporters since January. Independents and even many Democrats are having serious buyer's remorse.

Americans are disgusted at the way he handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, terrified over his lack of concern about our southern border, frustrated with high gas prices, struggling to stay afloat in a ruined economy, angered that he wants to coerce Americans to get a medical experiment against their will, and can’t believe how many are still being paid to stay home instead of filling one of the millions of jobs available. 

The list goes on and on. America is being destroyed while he fumbles over his teleprompter and sets up speeches from a staged White House scene! Are we in the movies? Please end the horror show now!

Here at Patriot Depot, we have something that will ease the pain. A “Let’s Go, Brandon!” shot glass! Biden wants you to get COVID shots, but we recommend shots that are much more fun!

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