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Sacred Pace

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At just thirty-six years old, Terry Looper was a seemingly successful Christian businessman who thought he had it all. However, Looper was overworking himself pushing 60 hours a week with minimal breaks to reach these successes. After months and months of ‘powering through,’ he hit a wall.

That’s when the mental breakdown took hold of his life. Suddenly, he lacked the strength to get himself out of bed in the morning. He couldn’t even get up to make breakfast. After days of rest at the hand of his weakness, he realized something needed to change.

Looper realized his way of life wasn’t sustainable and gave it all to God.

Through Jesus, Terry learned to slow down his pace, work less, and put Jesus at the center of everything, including work.

Through time, God healed his physical, mental, and spiritual health and Terry was able to bring new success to his now multimillion-dollar business.

Sacred Pace is a four-step process that helps Christians in all walks of life learn how to

  • Slow down their decision-making under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
  • Sift through their surface desires and sinful patterns in order to receive clear, peace-filled answers from the Lord,
  • Gain the confident assurance that God’s answers are His way of fulfilling the true desires he has placed in their hearts, and
  • Grow closer to the One who loves them most and knows them best.

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