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Civics and the Constitution Book & DVD (5 Options)

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Choose from five different options! 

  • The DVD
  • The Paperback Curriculum Book
  • The DVD + Paperback Curriculum Pack
  • The Paperback Teachers Guide
  • The Curriculum 3-Pack - DVD, Curriculum Paperback, Teachers Guide Paperback

Civics is the study of how government works, but this course is so much more than that. To understand how government ought to work, you first have to know the framework and principles of the people who designed and structured it. Then, you must also be aware of your responsibilities as a citizen within it.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. —John Adams

The U.S. Constitution impacts your life and future in ways you probably never imagined. Now delve into the history and everyday applications of the Constitution as you learn how:

The three branches of government are meant to interact — and what happens throughout history when checks and balances have been ignored or circumvented
You and other citizens can carefully vet candidates that adhere to the Constitution as it was written 

To work to support legislation that works within constitutional boundaries and not special political party interests. 

The U.S. Constitution remains one of the most amazing safeguards of liberty ever written, but it only works if “we the people” know not just our rights, but the way the government is designed to work — not for the benefit of an all-powerful federal government or per the whims of a judge or political party — but the actual protections at every level that are designed to keep power in the hands of the population for which it must serve. 

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.—Samuel Adams

More Information on the Curriculum 3 Pack:

  • Manufacturer Master Books
  • Weight (in lbs) 3.00
  • Title Civics and the Constitution (Curriculum Pack)
  • Subtitle An American View of Law, Liberty, & Government
  • ISBN 13 9781683441861
  • Contributors Jake Macaulay , Ricki Pepin
  • Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.

For Ages 10 and Up.

More Information about the DVD:

A thought-provoking video series on the U.S. government and what our Constitution really means!

Learn about:

  • The Founding Fathers' intent for the role of government
  • The ways our government has circumvented the U.S. Constitution
  • How to integrate a biblical worldview into your political interactions
  • This series includes 15 lectures (two DVDs at an average of 23 minutes per lecture).

  • Manufacturer Master Books
  • Weight (in lbs) 0.30
  • Title Civics and the Constitution (DVD Instruction)
  • Subtitle An American View of Law, Liberty, & Government
  • UPC Code 713438102429
  • Contributors Jake Macaulay , Ricki Pepin
  • Binding DVD Video
  • Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.

More Information about the Teachers Guide:

The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Civics and the Constitution course, which includes:

  • Worksheets for each chapter based on the student book and the related lecture series on DVD 
  • Reviews for each chapter to help assess the student’s mastery of the essential materials

OVERVIEW: Ever watch the news and think that our government just isn’t working? In most cases, it simply isn’t working the way the U.S. Constitution meant for it to work. Even many who are elected to represent the citizens of the United States do not understand the power and clarity of the Constitution because they are mired in political party posturing. Nothing will change until the voters of this republic stand up and demand a return to the constitutional principles that helped make this nation become a beacon for personal liberty. Enjoy this empowering and insightful Civics course as you learn not only the various parts and powers of constitutional governance, but also the critical checks and balances meant to protect us all.

FEATURES: A course calendar is included that provides daily guidance, with optional reading and learning opportunities also included.

  • Manufacturer Master Books
  • Weight (in lbs) 0.90
  • Title Civics and the Constitution (Teacher Guide)
  • Subtitle An American View of Law, Liberty, & Government
  • ISBN 13 9781683441694
  • Contributors Jake Macaulay , Ricki Pepin
  • Binding Paperback
  • Page Count 153
  • Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.
  • Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11 


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