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Nobody Needs an AR-15? Unisex T-Shirt

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Nobody needs an AR-15? Not according to this shirt.

Whiny liberals coming for your guns? The next time your snowflake neighbor starts telling you all the reasons you don’t need your AR-15, tell them all of the reasons you don’t need them! Seriously, nobody asked you.

What’s ironic is the same people trying to ruin your 2nd Amendment are the same ones calling Trump a Nazi. They fail to realize that one of the biggest points of the Nazi party was to disarm all citizens!

If people don’t like guns, they have the choice not to own one! We may not need an AR-15, but liberals have their avocado toast and hot yoga, so let’s just enjoy our own things without bothering each other! You get your nine dollar piece of bread, I get my freedom!

This AR-15 shirt is a great way to remind the liberals to mind their own business! Gift this to democratic friends and family members and watch them be left speechless!

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