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Let's Go Brandon (Checkered Flag) Custom Embroidered Hats (Navy)

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By now, you’ve probably seen several “Let’s Go Brandon” memes on social media. Brandon happens to be my name, so this trend really got my attention. Why so much excitement about a guy named Brandon?
Brandon Brown is a NASCAR driver who won his first Xfinity Series race at Talladega on October 2, 2021. Did the whole country become NASCAR fans overnight? As much as I love NASCAR, that is not the case. The phrase "Let's go Brandon" is referring to a viral video, where the crowd is actually chanting "F*** Joe Biden”during Brandon’s victory interview with NBC.  
As a form of damage control, the NBC reporter claimed the chant is actually “Let's Go Brandon.” America didn’t buy it. There’s only so much the mainstream media can do to prop up and protect Joe Biden. As a result, “Let’s Go Brandon” chant has become a euphemism for the “F*** Joe Biden chant."
For weeks now, multiple sporting events have had large crowds chanting “F*** Joe Biden" in protest of his presidency. The FJB protests have actually exploded around the world. This should come as no surprise as his approval rating is in the basement. Independents and even some Democrats are having buyer's remorse.
Americans are disgusted at the way he handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, terrified over his lack of concern about our southern border,  frustrated with high gas prices at the pump, angered that he wants to force all Americans to get a medical procedure, and can’t believe so many are still being paid to stay home instead of filling one of the millions of jobs available. The list goes on and on.
Here at Flag and Cross / Patriot Depot, we’ve produced several new “Let’s Go Brandon” and FJB products to help you express your frustration with the disaster that occupies the White House. We must speak up to be heard over the mainstream media, Big Tech, Woke businesses, Leftist campuses, Hollywood elites, etc. If we unite and turn out to vote, we have a chance to win back Congress in 2022. And that is just one step away from winning back the White House in 2024. 
Our company has been raising money for conservative candidates since 2007. Your purchase of our products allows us to continue to do so. And it is more important than ever as we head into mid-terms next year. Please take a moment to browse our conservative apparel, books, coffee, and more. Christmas is around the corner!
Let’s Go Brandon!

Proudly Designed and Embroidered in the United States.

100% Acrylic 6-panel hat imported from overseas.

Structured mid profile crown, curved bill,

Adjustable velcro back.

Color Black

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