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Thin Blue Line USA Flag Lapel Pin

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The Thin Blue Line Police Flag was designed in honor of fallen officers who have died while serving in the line of duty. It is also a salute to the courage and dedication that our police officers show every day they report for duty. The police are often unfairly maligned by the liberal media, and often times for simply doing their job of serving and protecting us. These individuals dedicate their lives to our communities and should be respected for their service.    

Of course no one condones the instances of actual police brutality, and no doubt it does happen. In any group or profession, there will be some that abuse their power, and those people should be dealt with according to the law. But that gives no excuse for the blanket hatred and violence directed at the brave men and women who serve every day to protect us and our families.

Why isn't the media talking about the police officers who are injured and killed in the line of duty every week? Don't their lives matter too?  Maybe it's because the liberal media doesn't care about the actual facts and news.  Maybe it's because they're pushing their own agenda, regardless of what the truth and reality of the situation is.

Please stand with us in honoring the brave men and women who serve in our local police forces across the country.  If enough people take a stand, maybe the media will be forced to take notice and start reporting on all of the news, instead of just what fits their liberal agenda.


  • Measures 3/4" W x 7/16" H
  • Pin is brass plated with silver and black USA flag with one thin blue line in center
  • Includes clutch fastener




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