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Pocket Right Wing Handbook

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For decades, liberals have been stealing conservative values and beliefs about topics as varied as education, healthcare, poverty, racism, war, and protecting the environment. In campaign after campaign against conservatives, liberals claim to be the political party of "compassion." And since the media is largely controlled by liberal-leaning editors and journalists, conservatives are expected to defend unpopular positions such as "corporate greed," "religious intolerance," "war-mongering," and a host of other non-topics.

Ironically, liberal "solutions" aren't anything of the sort. For example, liberals are only "generous" in their endless social and political programs with other peoples' hard-earned money. Their policies ultimately further financial slavery by keeping people neck-deep in debt and welfare entitlements. As a result, wasteful spending plagues the American economy and federal and state governments are bloated with unnecessary bureaucracy.

The time has come to the set the record straight. Conservatives have the only real and lasting solutions to the 10 major problems facing our nation. These solutions are clearly and persuasively explained in the all-new Right-Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left!

This conservative field guide will help you understand and defend conservative positions on:

  • How to Reduce Poverty & Homelessness without Taxes!
  • How to Improve Education & Cut Costs!
  • How to Improve Healthcare & Save Money!
  • How to End Racism & Give Everyone A Chance to Achieve the American Dream
  • Ending War For Good
  • Debunking The Fallacy of Corporate Greed
  • Gun Ownership
  • Abortion and Other Hot-Button Social Issues
  • Freedom of Religion, Not Freedom From Religion
  • How to Harvest Natural Resources & Protect the Environment

Plus, the Right-Wing Handbook includes a bonus section that openly addresses the oft-repeated assertion that "Jesus was a liberal."

70 page Handbook

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