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When Tyranny Becomes Law Shirt (Unisex)

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"When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson

One of our founding fathers said these words long ago, and time has only proven his words to be true. We know that when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty, because without a strong militia maintained by civilians to fight back against the government, they will be free to impose a law of tyranny onto the population.

Our founding fathers knew, even hundreds of years ago, that when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. We believe these words to be true, even today. With the current tyranny of Joe Biden, he is showing us how quickly tyranny becomes law when nobody stands up for what is right. Billions of dollars being sent overseas, when we have veterans in need. Oil production being limited here, but encouraged overseas. Outsourcing our jobs to Chinese slave labor factories, and more. This is clearly tyranny against the American people.

If you believe that when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty, then find a size that fits you, and buy this cotton t shirt today.

Shirt Information & Details:

  • 100% Premium Cotton w/ Soft Feel

  • Color Choices: White & Grey

  • Dozens of 5 Star Reviews from People Across the USA

  • Designed BY Patriots, FOR Patriots

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